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Thriving market of financial products, banks and financial institutions need to ensure that their technology investment maximizes ROI. Financial software products continuously evolve due to enhancements, compliance requirements, technical and configuration updates.

At BlackHatWing we offer End-to-End Product customization & testing services to Banking, Financial Services and Insurance organizations (BFSI). Our expertise lies in building agile, reliable and robust systems adapting to market changes.

With several years of experience working with the technology-related and crucial challenges facing the financial, banking, and insurance companies, our financial product testing solutions cater for the distinctive requirements and situational parameters specific to BFSI sector.




Banking, Financial Services and Insurance testing services at BlackHatWing covers all type of segments in the financial industry. We make sure that users do not encounter any errors and omissions while using the financial application by creating test repositories and performing comprehensive testing. We offer testing solutions in following financial industries:

Banking Applications

Banking applications are one of the most complex and large software systems in today’s development and testing practice. BlackHatWing brings banking domain knowledge, best practices & methodologies and IT expertise to your organization’s testing challenges. Banks must focus on their areas of specialization and determine their efforts on markets, products and distribution channels they can manage proficiently, employing the right technology to deliver viable business gain.

Banking application platform consist of multiple modules including Core Banking, Internet Banking, Financing, Case Management, Leasing, Compliance and Risk, Payment, Cash Management, Treasury, Business Intelligence System, Document Management and, last but not least, ATM and other channels. We guarantee that you gain maximum return on investment with the help of our testing and quality assurance services. With precisely designed testing processes we ensure high test coverage and effective defect removal.
Our banking application software testing offers services in all banking sectors including:

  • Front Office
  • Middle Office
  • Banking Back Office
  • Enterprise Gateway
  • Common Banking Services


Insurance is a big industry overlapping mortgages, health insurance, personal property, automobiles and many more. The insurance market is highly competitive, with customers keen to change providers very often. To stay ahead, insurers are required to be very responsive and keeping low costs, while meeting strict regulatory compliance. In order to meet the high expectations, BlackHatWing can help you make smart investments focusing on your organization needs by offering state of art insurance application testing services. We cover the entire segments of insurance industry including but not limited to:

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Doctor’s medical report
  • Car policies
  • Accident insurance
  • House/apartment insurance
  • Dental insurance claims
  • Theft insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • General disaster insurance

Our testing approach accelerates and stream lines not only the latest Insurance applications but also the legacy systems. We make sure that insurance applications ensure regulatory compliance with complete traceability and no business- related risks

Capital Markets

Financial applications are complex software applications; hence testing team has to perform combination of manual and automation testing to make sure that all aspects of application are covered. An error in a financial application can cost millions of dollars in losses The testing team has to follow the software testing and quality assurance guidelines strictly. Testing and Quality Assurance becomes central to the financial markets as participants strive to achieve the following through new technology initiatives in 2014 – 15.

  • Becoming better adapted to the regulatory climate
  • Strengthening risk management practices
  • Deploying capital more efficiently
  • Innovating across multiple dimensions
  • Enhancing customer experience in new ways

BlackHatWing uniquely combines the capital market domain knowledge and state of art testing skills to help institutions adapt to changing regulatory and business requirements.

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