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The digital revolution has transformed consumer behaviors. We tune in radios on cell phones, read on tablets and watch TV on laptops. 39.5% of users in the US, 32.2% of users in Europe and 57.6% of users in Japan use mobile devices to get news and information.

The digital space now presents a huge opportunity to engage customers in multiple ways. Hence, media and entertainment agencies are constantly developing new ways to involve customers, build brand loyalty and multiply profits. With all this they are also struggling with shrinking budgets, demands for seamless application performance and shorter timeframes to market products.

Engage BlackHatWing to be your testing partner and create world class apps through a unified dev and testing process.


Testing entertainment and media apps requires the right mix of testing techniques and a well thought out strategy. The right mix of testing types will gauge how robust user-friendly your apps are. Remember that the best test strategy balances the tradeoffs between cost, quality, and time-to-market. Have you designed your strategy yet? Let us help you …

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